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Lane Kiffin borderline depressed after morning practice

Talking about depressed. That could have summed up Lane Kiffin’s mood today following the Trojan’s thirteenth spring practice.

Kiffin wasn’t in the mood to make any headlines either, despite reporters trying to get Lane to touch on some interesting topics.

At one point, Lane said, “Basically, you’re looking at 10 scholarship players that haven’t practiced this spring. When you add the 24 coming in, that’s 34 new scholarships players coming, it helps your depth, but it makes your practices better. It makes your players better because right now we’re finding some players coasting a little bit because we have nobody behind them. Regardless, they can’t get demoted so hopefully it’s something we’ll fix in the fall.”

A reporter then asked Kiffin for his opinion on why certain schools but not USC were having their spring games nationally broadcasted.

Kiffin said, “Yeah, they had 92,500 people too. It makes it a little bit different environment. It’s the difference in the South than being out here. It is what it is. I go back to..we had 51,000 at our spring game at Tennessee and 40,000 two hour before for the walk. It doesn’t make it good or bad. It’s just very different.”

What about the new rule banning subscriptions to recruiting websites?

Kiffin responded, “It didn’t matter to me. It doesn’t affect anything we do.”

What about these schools that are paying $20,000 to $25,000 for recruiting services?

Once again, not in the mood to make headlines, Kiffin responded, “We have enough of our own issues. I’m not worried about other people.”

Asked if he’s ever paid $20,000 for a recruiting service, Lane simply responded, “No.”

USC will finish spring practice on Saturday with a scrimmage in The Coliseum.