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Lane Kiffin dealing with world's longest injury list

A year ago, due to low squad numbers, Lane Kiffin decided to significantly reduce the amount of tackling the Trojans did during practice. USC absolutely couldn’t afford to lose anyone due to injuries.

As a result, poor tackling showed up mightily in the early part of the season.

This year, Kiffin made the decision to return to more of the physical types of practices that USC was accustomed to during the Pete Carroll era.

The result has been a ridiculously long injury list.

As usual, Kiffin began his Friday post-practice media session by going through the injury list. His first words were, “Okay. Continuing to mount…”

In fact, Kiffin ran through a list of 18 players that are either OUT or currently injured.

A reporter even asked, “If you had this many guys out last fall, could you have practiced?”

Kiffin said, “Probably not. We’re getting thin, but it’s the decision we made with the direction to go. We’ll fight through it and get them back eventually.”

Take a minute to listen to Lane’s opening comments. It makes us wonder what the Trojans are doing at practice to accumulate all of these injuries. It seems abnormally higher than most other college programs.