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Kiffin explains why he prefers having two offensive line coaches

Some head coaches prefer to structure their offensive staff with one offensive line coach to oversee five guys, while others divide the group up and have a guy that handles the interior players (centers and guards) and another to handle the tackles (and sometimes tight ends as well), or some other variation of the two-coach setup.

Lane Kiffin is from the school of thought that having two guys to oversee the unit is best. James Cregg (in his fourth season in Troy) and Mike Summers (who joined the staff this past off season) hold the offensive line titles for the Trojans, while coach Summers also carries the run game coordinator title.

After practice yesterday, Kiffin explained his thought process behind dedicating two coaches to the offensive line.

"When you think about it, there are 11 players that play on offense, and five of them play on every snap, regardless of personnel. You're always playing with five linemen, so that's almost half of your offense."

"It's something that every NFL team does, and some college teams do with a limited number of coaches. So it was just a move we made in the off season and I think that we got a lot of potential in our young players and we're excited to have those two guys continue to develop them."

The individual attention that they guys get is another added benefit.

"With five guys going on the snap, and one guy is watching the front side, while one watches the back side...when you only have one guy it's impossible to see all five and coach all of them at the same time."