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Lane Kiffin fired up following practice #1

USC opened camp on Thursday night and Lane Kiffin was extremely pleased with the physical condition of the Trojans. 

The Trojans practiced for 2 hours and 58 minutes. Eight players cramped up, but Kiffin said that was due to the high level of work the players were putting in.

Kiffin said, “Today, to me, showed an unbelievable job by our strength staff in the offseason and our players commitment to doing things right. I hope what you see, what I saw today, we look different. We look different than we did a year ago, even in the spring.”

“We look bigger, we look faster, we look stronger. It’s a great credit to Aaron Ausmus and his staff and to these guys for buying into that. I know it’s day one, but I love where they are at physically and mentally. We challenged them with stuff we’ve never done before at the end of practice, after practice, not one guy complaining about it. Now we got to put all this talent and all this hard work down and put the pieces into place.”

After looking the Gladiators of the Coliseum, it looks like the Trojans don’t have many slappys.