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Lane Kiffin has 2 big concerns going into Hawaii game

Lane Kiffin answered questions for seven minutes today during his Hawaii week press conference. Interestingly, the presser seemed controlled as all seventeen questions were asked by the same person.

Having not tackled since the first week of camp due to low numbers, Kiffin said he has two big concerns.

Kiffin stated, “Those are our two biggest concerns going into this game will be how well are we going to tackle and holding on to the ball having not taken big hits with our ball carriers.”

(on if the D-Line will be the most dominant unit for USC) “Yeah, I think so. They’ve had a great camp. They will be the key to our defense up front. Staying healthy, playing extremely physical, and stopping the run after this week because these guys (Hawaii) don’t really run the ball, but after that.”

(on if the special teams will be improved) “It better. We spend enough time on it. From the first day we got here, we spent a whole bunch of time on special teams. We’re going to have to do a great job on special teams in order to continue to operate at a championship level.”

(on the trip to Hawaii) “A lot of distractions. A long flight. Going out there…foreign atmosphere. A very tough, physical team that we play. A loud crowd. We have to limit distractions. We’re not going out there for vacation. We’re going out there for business.”