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Lane Kiffin jabs at Golic


The coaches representing the schools of the PAC-12 South are in Bristol, CT today going through the ESPN “car wash.”

Lane Kiffin just wrapped up an in-studio interview with Mike & Mike in the Morning and Kiffin didn’t pass up the chance to jab at Golic.

Golic, a Notre Dame graduate, not surprisingly reminded Kiffin early on of the 20-16 Irish win in The Coliseum last November.

But before the segment ended, Lane was able to joke back with Golic.

Kiffin reminded Golic of the nine USC players that were drafted this past year. He said, “We actually passed Notre Dame for the most all-time draft picks.”

Golic responded, “Oh, really?”

Kiffin swiftly responded, “Yes. That was a long run (smiling).”

Golic jokingly asked Greenie, “Are we done with this interview yet? I’m ready to move on.”

A few minutes later, Kiffin appeared on set with Chris Fowler during a LIVE SportsCenter feature.

Although he doesn't agree with the severity of the sanctions against USC, Kiffin is very glad the program at least knows what they have to deal with.

Lane said, "Yea, it (last two years) hasn't been very much fun."

And he's no longer interested in talking about the investigation and sanctions. "I don’t really care. It doesn’t really matter. Everyone wants to focus on other universities and what’s happening to them. Our scholarships aren’t coming back and our bowl game isn’t coming back. Let’s move on."

Lane is looking forward to a great year in 2011. "If we just played 2-minute defense ok, we’re 11-2 last year. You take 51 scholarship players to a great Stanford team, maybe the best Stanford team ever, and have them beat until the last play of the game, shows us that we’re not far away."