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Lane Kiffin responds to Peyton Manning comments

In an entirely overblown story earlier in the week, Peyton Manning gave his opinion on Lane Kiffin. On Thursday, Lane responded in an intelligent, classy, and professional manner.

Manning said, “It'd probably be a short conversation. I certainly got to know him when he was the head coach at Tennessee. I don't have anything personal against him. But I think the one thing where Tennessee, as a whole group was kind of hurt, our pride was hurt, was that we didn't think that Tennessee was a transition job. … I've always thought and the big orange nation thought that Tennessee was a destination job. Unless you were fired or retired, that was the place to be. … I wish Lane the best of luck there at Southern Cal and I'm sure he'll do a good job."

On Thursday, when asked how a conversation would go with Peyton, Kiffin responded, “It would be fine. I have great respect for Peyton. I would not expect him to say anything different that what he said. If you have been to Tennessee, if you followed the football program there, there is no other college job but Tennessee for Tennessee people. I totally respect that. Peyton is Mr. Tennessee. I don’t think Peyton could have said anything different. That’s no different than all the Tennessee fans feel, there’s no better job than the University of Tennessee and there never will be, no matter what.”

We’re not really sure why we brought you this story. We guess just to point out Kiffin’s intelligence, class, and professionalism in response to Peyton’s pride.