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Lane Kiffin says USC has "gigantic depth issues"

Lane Kiffin begins Spring practice today at USC.

It will be the first practice with new assistant coach Ted Gilmore, who replaced John Morton as wide receivers coach. Morton joined Jim Harbaugh’s staff with the 49ers.

Kiffin said yesterday, "Our fans have extremely high standards just like we do. None of us was pleased with [last year], not the fans or the coaching staff. We've just got to get better and improve next year, learn from our mistakes. Three games came down to one play."

"It'd be real tough to say this team is better than last year with all the questions at linebacker and offensive line."

The Trojans somehow figured out a way to have more injuries this off-season. Twenty players will not practice today.

"It's extremely frustrating. You've got a lot of people out," Kiffin said. "We have gigantic depth issues in the offensive and defensive line."