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Lane Kiffin talks about legitimate NFL players and slappys

Following Tuesday morning’s practice, Lane Kiffin talked about his biggest concerns heading into the Fall.

Alright, he didn't use the word "slappys," but Kiffin explained, “We do have some star players, some legitimate NFL star players, but there is such a game between those guys and not just the bottom of the roster but some of the lower starters even.”

“Right now, we wouldn’t be a very good team if we were playing. We have some really good players, but we wouldn’t be able to put it all together because where the numbers are at. It will be exciting in the Fall for all the new guys coming in.”

“(In the Fall) 24 new guys, plus a bunch of these injured guys coming back…we have a whole lot of work to develop into a team.”

“Nick Perry (DE) is a really good player and ran a 4.6 this offseason. Two of our defensive ends ran faster than two of our tailbacks. It’s pretty neat thing to have on that side of the ball.”

“The biggest question mark we haven’t answered yet is the offensive line right now. We have one legitimate college player playing there right now.”