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Lane reacts to Chip Kelly's comments, more from Monte, Chow, and Harbaugh

Lane Kiffin reacts to Chip Kelly's comments that compared the number of 4 and 5-star recruits between USC and Oregon: "I really wish that I had good enough players and we were good enough coaches that we could spend enough time counting how many 4 and 5-star players we have on each other's roster. I don't time for that, unfortunately."

In case you missed Chip Kelly's quote from yesterday: “We have zero five-star recruits in our top 44 and we have 11 four-star recruits.”

“I keep hearing that USC’s down. In their two-deep, out of their 44 players they have 12 five-star recruits and 26 four-star recruits. I don’t know if there’s anybody in the country that has that.”

SEC GUY: Please listen to SEC GUY who calls in to Oregon sports radio yesterday. This is classic. Listen here.

Here's part of SEC GUY'S rant: "LaMichael James, that gets me to my point. Can you guys just stick to Biblical names? I’m tired of the Michael, LaMichael, Jaquizz, and I’m tired of all this. You know what we have in Bama? Trent and Mark. #1 and #2. That’s it. Both of ‘em could win a Heisman Trophy if they was just single running backs like ya LaMichael has playing against little kids like you got in that conference, we’d do the same thing. It just burns my hide to hear you guys talk about this, that, and the other scuzzle butt about being better than my squad or my conference. I don’t even like Auburn and I’ll tell you right now they’d beat you (Oregon) by three touchdowns."

Monte Kiffin talks about the challenge of playing well against Oregon: “It’s not easy. I could use a couple more bye weeks. That would surely help. We have to really coach our players up and make sure they understand. And there are two things you’ve got to understand — the scheme you’re going against and also the players you’re going against.

“There are some pretty good players there now, believe me. You can have a good scheme, but it works better when you have good players. You put the combination together, good coaching and good players, and that’s kind of what you’re seeing right now.”

Norm Chow describes the UCLA offense: "Awful, we're at the bottom of the league. I told the kids today that we were averaging 2.7 turnovers a game. We can't do that. A good football team doesn't have a minus on the ledger. But that's not all on the fumbles or the interceptions, there's the pass protection, there's a lot of things involved. We need to get better."

Washington defensive coordinator Nick Holt preparing for physical Stanford offense: “They are a lot more physical than they used to be. (Stanford) is a committed running team and committed to using their tight ends and things like that. You know it’s a lot of runs and a lot of physical runs.”

Jim Harbaugh looks forward to Saturday’s game at Washington: