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Large beer sales expected for West Virginia vs. LSU

Five Big East football stadiums sell cold beer on gameday including Syracuse, Louisville, South Florida, Connecticut, and Cincinnati.

West Virginia could soon become the sixth.

According to the Tribune-Review, athletic director Oliver Luck has proposed controlled sales of alcohol, the elimination of a pass-out policy that allows fans to leave the game at halftime and re-enter the stadium for the second half, and banning smoking inside the stadium.

The beer sales could bring in over $1 million per year. The Board of Governors still has to approve the beer sales.

Upon hearing the potential beer sales next season inside Milan Puskar Stadium, LSU fans were a little disappointed.

An LSU Tiger fan told FootballScoop, “They know we would prefer Red Bull & Vodka (heavy on the vodka) (preferably Grey Goose), but we will settle for beer.”

“Our plan now is to leave Baton Rouge on Thursday. We’ll take over the Morgantown bar scene on Friday night and if (Jordan) Jefferson plays well, we’ll win by 28…and we won’t leave the stadium.”

“However many kegs they plan to stock for game days, they’ll need to stock 7 times that amount when we come to town. Don’t count on us drinking somewhere in the neighborhood of what the Norfolk State fans drink. We are LSU.”

West Virginia has home games this season against Marshall, Norfolk State, LSU, Bowling Green, UCONN, Louisville, and Pitt.

In case you doubt the Tiger fans will take over your bar, here's a video of their last trip up north. Blacksburg 2007.