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Larry Porter talks about issues at Memphis

Larry Porter’s first year as head coach of the Memphis Tigers hasn’t turned out as he expected. Porter inherited a team without much talent, but it seems the Tigers have gone further downhill. On Monday, Porter talked about the Tigers’ issues with Sports56 Radio in Memphis.

Porter said, “When I look at our issues, it is a number of things. We can say injuries, we can say youth, no chemistry, no continuity. Also, we again as coaches have to put the load on our shoulders as well. In any situation, you have to start with yourself…not just me, but our coaches as well.”

“The momentum of losing and to turn it is difficult. Once you get it turned, then you can go back and analyze how, what, when, where, all those things and allow yourself to keep going. Losing is not the only things they are dealing with in life right now. Some of them are stressed about life, some are stressed about class, some are having issues at home, so it encompasses all. I tell them now that playing football at University of Memphis is a job. So when you look at it that way, then you look at the other demands in life, surely it can bring out a lot of frustration and it’s not all about football.”

At 1-8, Memphis travels to Marshall on Saturday.