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Larry Porter: We need the heat to grow and develop this team

First-year head coach Larry Porter directed the Memphis Tigers through their first practice of summer camp on Monday.

Porter said, "It was a typical first day. It was overcast and we still had some cramping, but not necessarily any heat exhaustion, so I was happy about that. All in all, I thought they fought through it. You could tell the intensity and that this is a new and improved team in terms of attitude, so I am excited."

"We are on point in terms of our evaluation of the quarterbacks and I feel good about where we are. It shows that the community and our fans care because that is the million dollar question right now. Everybody is concerned about who that guy is and I appreciate that. I can tell you that they are all working hard to become that guy so I am excited about that as well."

''We need the heat to grow and develop this team. 'That's part of them learning how to overcome adversity and not let things like (the weather) dictate how we play. It's going to take a team effort to overcome the heat, to fight through it, so we can become stronger than the elements. That's part of football.''