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Last night Western Michigan's staff walked on fire

Update> Here's the video...

Original story:

There are a few ways to capture the attention of just about anyone in the college football world. You can bring home the national title (Nick Saban), say something ridiculously funny in a press conference (Les Miles / Steve Spurrier), jump off a cliff (James Franklin), or do what the Western Michigan staff decided to do last night...walk on fire.

According to this tweet from PJ Fleck, the entire staff decided to walk across hot coals last night. We asked a few guys, and yes they all did walk on fire...also said they walked across broken glass, broke boards and arrows with their bodies, etc... All mind over matter / positive thinking.

When your head coach is one of the smoothest talkers / recruiters in the country, as an assistant coach you've got to be down for just about anything...including fire walking. Being a grad assistant this fall in Kalamazoo just got a whole lot more interesting.

We hear there will be video from the entire day coming soon. Stay tuned...