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Late for a meeting, "no soup for you"

OK so really, it's "no steak for you"; but...

Tim Beckman has instituted a rule called "Illini time" where players are required to be 10 minutes early for all team events and classes.

To stress the importance of the small details, like "Illini time", Beckman and the staff have instituted a club called "All-in-One" where players and coaches who qualify receive a gourmet meal during quarterly banquets. The first meal of the year was steak and eggs, and homemade cinnamon buns.

Those who did not qualify had porridge. 21 players and 4 coaches ended up qualifying for for the steak and eggs, Beckman explained that he was not one of them.

"I missed a meeting, I was down in Naples, Fla., speaking to the alumni.’’ he pointed out.