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Leach: 'God made few D-Lineman. Don't believe me? Go to the mall!'

It's basically a guarantee that once you've been a head coach in more than one conference that at one point or another you'll be asked by a member of the media about the SEC and what sets them apart from the other conferences across the country.

That's exactly what happened to Mike Leach on Sirius XM yesterday, and Leach responded as only he can, and he actually makes a very interesting (and valid) point towards the end of the call.

"I've found all the conferences to be the same," Leach explained. "I think the media just gets all fired up and pumped up."

"Eventually some conference is going to have a run of say, strong running backs for a brief period because they've been really good at rushing the ball. Or they'll have a brief run of strong quarterbacks and then people will be really good at throwing the ball and they'll have some high profile quarterbacks."

"What I've found is that between the major conferences, they all have the big 300 pounders, they all have fast people, they all have skill people...the SEC, the Big 12 and the Pac 12. I'm not kidding you, I think all three are nearly identical, with one exception."

Leach explains that there is little to no separation between skill players in each conference, but then expands to say, "I will tell you whats different about the SEC. I think the defensive lineman are faster in the SEC."

"God made very few defensive lineman. If you don't believe me, just go to the mall and then say 'If we were to have a pickup football game, how many of these really guys really belong on the defensive line?'"

Now that you've heard that...let it soak in. Makes a ton of sense doesn't it? Now going to the mall and people watching will never be the same.