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Leach: If you want to know how you're coaching, turn on the film

One thing that was evident after Washington State's loss to BYU is that Mike Leach was not happy with his players body language and overall demeanor when things weren't going their way.

During his press conference yesterday, he said that is an issue that him and his staff need to coach up and focus on this week, but the players needed to understand that "You only get so many reps out there on the football field in your entire life, and you better make the most of it."

"If you're going to go out there and practice all week long, and you're going to work on reps out there in practice, and now all of a sudden your going to have game reps. You better be doing something other than pout on the sideline."

"Obviously that's something that we, as coaches, need to address and failed to get across to them last week."

"If you want to know how good you're coaching, turn on the film and see how they play."