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Leach ready to hit the field for spring ball

In a matter of a few months, Mike Leach and his staff have had to put together a recruiting class, a new strength program, and install an entirely new offense and defense for the Cougars.

Starting with winter conditioning, Leach said that he was impressed with the progress that they made. 

“I thought some competitive aspects emerged, you could see guys develop and be a little more competitive. You could see kind of some leaders emerge a little bit. I thought it was very good. The other thing is with regard to working hard, nobody really knows how hard they can work. Everybody can work harder than they think they can.”

Leach says spring practices will be an especially tall order for them. “Every year, you want to evaluate and then, of course, sharpen your skills. In our case, we have to install our package and teach it to everybody. This isn’t going to be a case where you teach it to some and then you’ve got the older guys to help. In our case, we’ve got to teach it to everybody.”