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Leach to radio host: "If your opinion mattered, you'd be invited to staff meetings"

Mike Leach joined ESPN 710AM in Seattle on Wednesday, and wasn't a fan of the questions that were being lobbed his direction.

The question that set the following events in motion came after the hosts of the Kevin Calabro show asked Leach if he felt that his players were "unified in their effort and support" of him and if they'd be "willing to run through a wall for him" after a disappointing season thus far.

"I don't know if that is really the entire thing," Leach responded. "I think that you continue to teach and improve and stuff like that. From the beginning here I think you've had an agenda, but what I would say is that in this business, that we're not unified just because you've tried to make a mountain out of a mole hill about everything that has gone on over here and just haven't accepted the dynamic of change certainly doesn't mean that we haven't had players that are playing extremely hard and overachieving."

"In that stack of articles that you have sitting there, I'm sure that you can probably find a dozen other teams that are playing with 15 freshman, and then I'd also like to know how those guys are doing. Now those guys are running through the wall, and the fact that you happen to be dissatisfied doesn't mean a great deal to me or this team here."

The host, obviously not happy with the 2-9 record the Cougs had put together, then tried to explain that he didn't have an agenda, and was just trying to state his opinion on the state of the program.

"If your opinion really mattered to me, you'd probably be invited to some of the staff meetings around here, and unless that invitation has been lost in the mail, I don't guess you were." Leach explained.

Then Leach mentions siccing an owl on a the hosts dog. Only Leach can somehow fit that kind of nugget into a (somewhat) heated radio conversation.

Skip to the 9:50 mark of the clip to catch the good stuff.

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