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Leach weighs in on the worst part of coaching

The Omaha World Herald ran an interesting interview with Mike Leach over the weekend where the Coug's head coach opened up about the possibility of a college football playoff, his respect for Tom Osborne and his least favorite part of coaching.

Leach says the worst thing about coaching is the distractions that come up throughout the year. "The worst thing is dealing with distractions. You've got a plan to do something, then all of a sudden there's a distraction."

According to Leach, one of the the biggest challenges of being a head coach is finding balance managing everything surrounding your program, something he felt Tom Osborne excelled at.

"Tom Osborne never had highs and lows. He withstood the test of time. One of the biggest challenges of being a head coach is to be a good balancer, having the ability to balance all the things inside and outside the program. To me, it seems that Tom Osborne is one of the best balancers that's ever been involved in the game."

Leach also weighed in on the recent talk of a college football playoff.

"I think they need to have at least an eight-team playoff for it to do any good. Eight, I think, is the minimum you can get by with. Sixteen would be better. But I'd rather see 64. You'd cut the regular season down to 10 games, then make sure everybody plays 12 games if they don't get in the playoff. The teams that make the championship game would play 16, just like they do in Division I-AA."

20 teams make the playoffs in FCS, 24 in D-II and D-III...