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Les Miles lands new gig with reality TV

LSU sports marketing posted their annual April fool’s joke on the LSU official website this morning.

It’s a pretty good one that pokes fun of Les Miles' habit of eating grass.

The title of the press release: Les Miles to be featured on SPIKE TV’s “Sod Wars.”

Sod Wars pits two homeowners against each other to determine who has the best yard in the neighborhood. Each contestant is given a $10,000 budget for the week to create a dream landscape in their yard, with celebrity judges determining the winner.

Within the week-long period there will be bonus points based on challenges and obstacles such as wild animals and destruction of flower beds with explosives that wreak havoc on the contestants.

Miles, who starts his seventh year with the Tigers in 2011, became a fan favorite of yard enthusiasts everywhere in 2010 when he was seen on national television sampling a piece of turf from Tiger Stadium prior to big play late in the fourth quarter in a win over Alabama. Since then, Miles has become a coveted spokesperson for many lawn and garden companies throughout the country.

The press release quotes Les as saying, "I have always enjoyed reality television and the want to be a part of a project with Bob Sacamano is something that has always interested me. I take pride in both of my yards - the one at my house and the one in Tiger Stadium. I think with my expertise in grass growing and my ability to spot talent makes this a perfect fit.”

The Tigers even created a fake “Sod Wars” website.

Once again, LSU sports marketing nails it.