If you woke up this morning and were told an FBS head coach would be rappelling down a 24-story building, you would no doubt be surprised. Wait, let me rephrase that. If you found out any FBS head coach other than Les Miles would be rappelling down a 24-story building, you would be surprised.

To benefit the Louisiana Family Forum’s “Over the Edge for Adoption” campaign, Miles steadily lowered his body down the 24-story One American Place building in Baton Rouge on Thursday. Thankfully, the Internet stepped up to the plate to document his journey.

Before the ascent:

Suiting up:

Game time:

No turning back now”

The man himself in progress:

Drawing a crowd:

Almost there:

In action:

Here’s video from some people at work seeing Les pass by. Thank goodness for camera phones.

God bless Les Miles.


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