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Les MIles talks about JaMarcus Russell

Jim Rome asked Les Miles his thoughts on former LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell.

Miles said, “For me, I’m going to tell you something, when I coached JaMarcus Russell and I had to have him at 255, he weighed 255. I had to have him ready to roll and at practice on time, meetings, he was the leader of my team. I’m going to tell you right now, I enjoyed having him quarterback my team. Now to say that’s how it went when he went to the NFL, it would be inappropriate for me to suggest how it went when I wasn’t there.”

“The only thing I can’t tell you is that he is competitive as there is. If you put a ball down in the yard and say we’re going to play to twelve, dammit, he’s going to play you. He didn’t if it’s basketball, football, or baseball. He has that to him.” 

“It’s a tough guess to be honest with you. Certainly hate to level blame with anybody. At some point in time, the player has to stand tall and be who he is. I don’t know he went into just the right situation and that he handled it very well. I don’t know if there was a clear line of communication between the people he had to work with and himself.”

“I can’t imagine that he’s done quarterbacking now to be honest with you.”

Both Jimbo Fisher and Les Miles have recently spoken positively about Russell. Fisher served as Russell's offensive coordinator at LSU.