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Les Miles was on the Dan Patrick Show today.... and it was odd

The Dan Patrick Show is in New Orleans for Super Bowl week, and, naturally, LSU head coach Les Miles stopped by for a visit. 

The interview got off to a benign start with Patrick questioning Miles about recruiting and his level of interest in coaching in the NFL, until Patrick started to pepper Miles about his conversation with Arkansas AD Jeff Long about the Razorbacks' head coaching opening at the time. 

Miles opens by saying he and Long are friends, dating back to when the two were at Michigan, but he's happy at LSU. Then Patrick presses the issue.

Patrick: But why have preliminary talks if you're happy at LSU?

Miles: Because you have a long-time relationship with a man that you respect professionally and he calls to describe what he's looking for, which could easily be other head coaching prospects. In other words, not just me. You're going to help and you want to help. It's a pretty good school, too.

Patrick: Yeah, but your name then comes out. You can help them in your job search but If I'm LSU, and I know you're my coach under contract and you're talking to Arkansas, I'm angry at you.

Miles: The opportunity to talk to Arkansas about other prospects, other coaches, and over time, a relationship with a colleague, you know, he and I were at Michigan years ago together. I can't imagine LSU would be unhappy with that.

Patrick: Yeah, but, you're talking to them and you're flirting with them. If you're married and you're having preliminary talks with other women, is your wife going to say 'Well, that's okay'?

Miles: It's not the same there. It's just not the same. 

Patrick: But it's a relationship, you have a contract with LSU, right?

Miles: I do, and I'm enjoying it very much. I guess the opportunity to pick up the phone and communicate honestly and openly with somebody who called only makes sense. It's a place that I'm very happy in? Yes. Is it where I want to be? You bet. Our family wants to stay in Louisiana.

The conversation then dovetailed into other topics, including whether Miles could run for governor of Louisiana and which Hollywood actor he most-closely resembles, but, for those two minutes anyway, one can surmise that was not the way Miles envisioned representing the purple and gold on a national radio show.