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Les praises Gary Crowton, Lane can't figure it out, Pelini blows up

Les Miles praises offensive coordinator Gary Crowton following 43-36 win over Ole Miss: “I have to give a lot of credit to Gary Crowton. I think he’s taken a bunch of criticism this year, and he called a magnificent game. He did exactly what he needed to do and he operated the offense extremely well.”

(compliments Nutt and Masoli) “That quarterback [Jeremiah Masoli] was hot as a firecracker. Also, give credit to Houston Nutt and Ole Miss. They came in ready to play. Masoli was hot and did some very good things.”

Lane Kiffin says he and Pete Carroll can’t figure out how to win in Corvallis: "Somehow, someway we end up the way we always do up here. Down 20 points in the first half. I have no idea (why). Coach (Pete Carroll) didn't figure it out and I didn't figure it out. The story of the day was the offense and how poorly it played. We probably broke a national record for three-and-outs."

 "The problem is that play happens and everyone has a feeling of here we go again. It's what we tried to guard against."

Bo Pelini wouldn’t address Nebraska’s 16 penalties to Texas A&M’s 2: “I’m not talking about penalties. You all watched the game. You make your own deductions.”

 “No comment. Next question. I’m not talking about penalties. You all watched the game.”

Pelini wouldn’t talk about his sideline meltdown on quarterback Taylor Martinez: “I can’t talk about that. It had nothing to do with his injury.”