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Les: We'd love to play in Dallas or Houston every year

Coming off of a huge win against Oregon, Les Miles spoke with reporters today about playing at Cowboys Stadium.

Les said he and the team love playing "in that stadium, in that environment" and went on to say that he understands there would be all sorts of logistics to work out; but that he'd love to be able to play there (or in Houston) every year.

Reporters pressed him later about trying to actually play an annual game there...

"I'd love to play someone else's home game there every year...I wouldn't want to minimize the number of times we play in Tiger Stadium...our fan base seems to love felt like a bowl environment and our guys enjoy playing big in those kinds of games...Houston might well be a nice spot as well."

Reporter asks about the defense this year...

"I watched them play in this game and felt that this team is potentially a very special defense...everybody is doing their job, taking coaching extremely well...a talented group of guys that have a want to make a statement...a style of defense that will have to be reckoned with...they will know who we are, the style of uniform that we wear and the kind of helmets that show up around the ball at the same time...I like their pride in their accomplishments and their want to play well."

Note, skip to about the 10 minute mark for the beginning of Les' remarks