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Les weighs in the Wonderlic

Les Miles hit the road earlier this week to start the Tiger Tour, consisting of speaking events and a opportunities to interact with the Tiger faithful. The tour started off in Northern Louisiana and afterwards while in Shreveport, Miles met with reporters to answer a wide range of questions.

In the first video (which can be seen here) Miles talks about looking forward to his time in front of the camera as a guest on the NFL draft show, and when asked about whether he sees the situation at Arkansas as an advantage for them in recruiting, responded that he doesn't talk to recruits about anything other than what LSU can offer potential recruits.

Miles also explains how they go about offering scholarships, and offered up this gem in the second video on Mo Claiborne's Wonderlic score. "Ya know...I don't know. I've taken the Wonderlic I dont think theres a correlation between the Wonderlic and secondary play," he explained "If you had 67 cents and you had the opportunity to spend 37 cents, and then your son wants a quarter....I just don't know how that fits."