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London building a new culture at UVA

Mike London is changing the culture around Virginia football. The first-year UVA head coach set out early on to address the confidence level of the UVA players. 

London felt a serious of small victories during off-season workouts would lead to a more confident football team. It was important for the Cavalier players to begin feeling better about themselves.

London explained another goal by saying, “I want to embrace what Virginia is. Stanford has done a good job of embracing who they are. Virginia can do the same thing. We can recruit the young men that can get it done in the classroom.”

Part of London’s creative thinking included the internet airing of an NFL Films type of production called, “The Building of a Program.” has aired 13 episodes, which began in the middle of the summer. Now, UVA fans and recruits can connect with London’s staff and thus, more enthusiasm and pride are building amongst the Virginia fan-base.

You can watch the 13th episode of “The Building of a Program” right here.

Defensive coordinator Jim Reid explains part of London’s philosophy. Reid says, “That’s why coach London’s major emphasis, and he’s correct, is that if you’re going to class, doing well in school, everything is going well socially, it clears your mind to become a great football player.”

Virginia will host Richmond University on September 4th to start the season. The following week, London will lead his team to the West Coast to play the USC Trojans.