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London gets creative to reach recruit

During the recruiting season we see plenty of unique approaches from coaches trying to make their impression on recruits.

Nick Saban mailed 105 letters to a recruit in one day, James Franklin goes from game to game in a helicopter to avoid traffic, and Mike London used a personal video for a quarterback that visited campus when he couldn't be there due to a previous engagement.

Greyson Lambert was the prospect visiting campus and also happened to be the #1 rated quarterback out of Georgia. Lambert described the video presentation where London sat behind his desk and addressed him and his family before going on to talk about his coaching philosophy, the team rules, why he came to Virginia and what players learn from him and his coaching staff. both on and off the field.

Lambert said the video really struck a chord with him, “It was like he was talking to me in person. I just felt like for him to take the time out and do that, it was pretty special. My dad asked the coaches to rewind the video so he could tape it on his phone and show it to my mother. It meant a lot.”

London explained that getting to know Greyson through the recruiting process made all the difference in knowing what type of content that the video staff needed highlight for him. “You have to do that. With competitive as it is with recruiting these young men and vying for their time, you better have a message that they can identify with." London explained.