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ULL's off season workouts have them primed for success this season

Complacency doesn't seem to be an issue at Louisiana-Lafayette.

Coming off back to back nine win seasons, and two straight New Orleans Bowl victories, we are hearing some really good things are going on at ULL, and their guys have put in some serious work this offseason, including some rather unconventional workouts.

The clip below takes a look at what they've been up to (including some really unique team and partner based workouts), and you can tell that coach Hudspeth and his staff have a pretty good handle on how to produce teams that are hungry to string together wins and are more than willing to face adversity head on.

These kind of unique workouts not only break up the monotony in the weight room, but it also prepares your guys for adversity. As coaches, we understand the importance of getting your guys (young and old) ready to take on adversity in their personal lives, in the media, and socially is going to help them perform on the field, which eventually not only leads to but will also serve them well far beyond their playing days.

Great job by Hud and his staff. We're looking forward to seeing how this translates on to the field.