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Louisville DC Vance Bedford has concerns

Louisville defensive coordinator Vance Bedford spoke in-depth about the Cardinal’s defense.

“The secondary, we have a lot of doubt there. Right now, the secondary is a big concern. I can tell you one thing though, we will run to the football.”

(on the biggest challenge) “One of our concerns…we are not very big. When you look at UCONN, Pitt, Rutgers…they have 300-330 pound offensive lineman. They are going to run the football, try and knock you off the ball. Can you stop the run? Our defensive lineman right now are 260-270. We must be able to stop the run. If I look at our defense and I’m on offense, I’m going to run the football.” 

“When we are recruiting right now, the first thing we’re talking about is we must get more size in here (interior defensive line). “

“I think we have the best defensive line coach in the country in Clint Hurtt. Coach Strong sits in every defensive meeting. He challenges the defense every day because he knows that was a weakness last year. We need to play hard, smart, fast, and tackle well.”

You can watch Bedord's entire presser right here.