Louisville staff didn't have headsets during victory on Saturday

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Before kickoff on Saturday, Charlie Strong and the Louisville staff had to make some quick decisions after finding out that their headsets weren't working at Florida International.

"We knew right before the game started that we did not have headsets. They had them, but they weren't hooked up. So anytime one team doesn't have them then you have to take the headsets off."

"But it was critical because the guys in the box weren't able to see, like offensively they weren't able to see the blitzes and defensively we weren't able to see the sets." Strong explained.

The different vantage point undoubtedly changes the small details that your otherwise able to spot from the box. But having everyone on the sideline available to coach the players up as they come off the field is also an advantage because the finer details, like alignments, are relayed directly to the position coaches and adjustments can be made.

The details may be sacrificed a bit but you've got "all hands on deck" on the sideline, which can be used as an advantage as well.

Strong and the Cardinals (4-0, 0-0) went on to win 28-21 and will take on Southern Miss (0-3, 0-1) this weekend.