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LSU football marketing nailing it, Ole Miss' Lockett says "Yell O"

LSU football marketing “gets it”: Did you know LSU football has over 246,000 friends on Facebook and almost 5,000 followers on twitter? That’s a bigger social media following that 13 NFL franchises. See the list here.

UVA assistant Anthony Poindexter says London isn’t messing around, sat three players last week for missing classes: "I think everybody realizes now coach ain't playing about academics here. He's not playing about doing things the right way off the field. If you don't want to do it the right way, well, we'll take playing time away from you."

Former Minnesota offensive line coach (14 seasons) Gordy Shaw says Kevin Sumlin would be a great hire for Gophers: "He would be an outstanding candidate for that job. He's a great coach. He's young. He's energetic. He knows what he wants to do and understands the game. He made the natural progression from a position coach to a coordinator to a head coach and knows what kind of program he wants to run."

“He knows a lot about Minnesota. That makes him a great candidate, but he also knows a lot about the Big Ten."

Louisville player Josh Byrom talks describes Charlie Strong: "With Coach Strong coming in, we knew right away it was a whole different mentality. Guys on the team, you learn to trust and respect each other because, with Coach Strong, it's his way or the highway.

"When you have a coach like that, who's enforcing the rules, who, if he makes a threat to you, he follows through if you don't go to class, or if you're late to a meeting or miss a lift, you're going to get punished and that's how it is. Right off the bat, it starts with Coach Strong. When you start trusting your head coach, it follows to the team."

Ole Miss player Kentrell Lockett asks Rebel fans to make it hard on Cam Newton: "Yell O"