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Luck "Flushed it down the toilet"

First year Stanford head coach David Shaw has had to endure almost a year of, "Yeah, but he's doing it with Harbaugh's guys...and he's got Andrew Luck...and they really haven't played anyone yet."

Well, after Saturday's triple overtime win over a well prepared USC team, we're not hearing that same chatter about Shaw anymore. 

Saturday night, the Cardinal committed 11 penalties (almost twice their average per game), and went through phases without 3 offensive lineman, and a tight end, at times due to injury. Oh yeah, and there was that pick 6 thrown by Andrew Luck giving USC the lead with about 3 minutes to play. Shaw and his team battled through the adversity and came out with the win. 

Beginning at the 7 minute mark of the video below, you'll hear Coach Shaw's post game comments, including an interesting choice of words (at the 9 minute mark) when Coach Shaw says Andrew Luck "flushed the adversity down the toilet" after the late interception. Honestly don't think we've ever heard that phrase used before...