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Lunch time Coaches Quick Hits

Kyle Whittingham concerned with ball security: “We have to focus as a unit and think about the ball even when you’re running,” he said. “Guys think too much about making a move or yards and you have to step back and focus on ball security.”

Bronco Mendenhall takes responsibility for QB issues: "The biggest issue with our execution so far, is the choice that I made, and I'm completely responsible for, of playing two quarterbacks, which cut the execution and practice repetitions in half, for each player."

Lane Kiffin says no national TV makes Wazzu game a challenge: "I've always thought coaching here one of your hardest things to do is to get your team motivated when it's not the national game of the week. These guys have been so programmed to be in so many of those games that these are the games that you worry most about.”

Quoting LA Tech head coach Sonny Dykes: "We're playing a Conference USA team and need to have a great crowd this week. We're trying to put ourselves in the best position that we possibly can for when some things happen down the road — everybody anticipates something happening — and it's going to be important for us to continue to have great support, fill up the stadium, and show people that we've got the support necessary to continue to grow this program. It's going to be critical for the things that come down in the future."

Utah State head coach Gary Anderson upset with special team vs. Fresno State: "We had big issues on special teams. Special teams was really the key factor."

Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun wants special teams improvement: “They can be better, and they need to be better. That’s an area we put a lot of time into in August, but in these next two months I want to see a level pick up.”

Lane Kiffin pleased with special teams: “I would challenge that we put more time and dedication into our special teams than anybody in the country and it’s continued to pay off for us three games in a row.”

USC special teams coordinator John Baxter says previous staff didn’t spend enough time on special teams: “We’re not spending too much time. We’re spending what you should spend. They didn’t before. That’s not my fault. I got nothing to do with it. All I can control is what our staff does. You guys are used to watching [a team spend little time on special teams] but I’m not.”

Skip Holtz talks about Western Kentucky offense: "They run the ball and control the clock, and that is not something we've had a lot of success with as a defensive front not only this season to this point but last year."