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Lunchtime Coaches Quick Hits

Derek Dooley on traveling to LSU: “We probably will travel 66-68 guys and 30 have never been on a road trip at Tennessee.”

“If we serve one up to him (Patrick Peterson), it will be the fastest 6 points you’ve ever seen.”

(Dooley jokes) “I was going to paint the field, but that didn’t work for Oregon State. If they have beaten Oregon State, I may have put a big (Tiger) eye on our field. I don’t know how you simulate Tiger Stadium unless you have a practice in Neyland Stadium and had all our fans screaming at us.”

Oregon State head coach Mike Riley once again dealing with slow start to season: “And here we are again. There’s no difference, is there. But this team has to prove it (can rebound). It’s not a given we can do that. We have to play better. … what I hope is that we understand what good competition is and the detail of what it takes to beat a good team. We’ve got to do better. That’s just basically it in a nutshell.’’

Joker Phillips concerned about tackling: “I'm not at all concerned about our schemes. I think we've got to become better tacklers, and if that calls for us to have tackling drills throughout the week, we've got to have that.”

Quoting Norm Chow: "This is my third year, and each year we've started five different guys. It's never been that way anywhere else. But this new run game, we've simplified a ton. These guys are blocking the same guy 90 percent of the time."

Western Michigan head coach Bill Cubit talks about his quarterback: “You don’t want him to be a robot, because you’re taking away a lot of really good things he really, really does well. The (Brett) Favre guy goes out there, he’s going to throw picks. Those style of quarterbacks, that’s what’s going to happen. At times, they’re going to get a little careless because they think they can get the ball in there in tight spots. So, you’ve got to make them understand the timing of the game, where we’re at. Like the one intercept, we didn’t need him to throw (downfield). The check wasn’t bad.”

“I’d take him. I like him. I think he’s doing really a good job for us. Do we need better? Yeah, but that’s everybody. We all have to get better. But I’d rather have a guy with talent and the moxie and the passion that he has than be worried about a quarterback that’s scared to death back there.” 

Lane Kiffin talks about going against Steve Sarkisian: “It really doesn’t mean anything. This game isn’t about myself or him, as far as how I view it. It’s our conference home opener. This is a team that beat us last year. This has nothing to do with me and him. We need to play well and win this game.” 

“Defense, there is a ton of similarities (UW compared to old USC). They are pretty much out of the book what we did here. Offensively, they have changed due to his personnel.” 

Rick Neuheisel: “We just weren’t playing very fast. We weren’t playing really well up front in week 2 and week 3. Too much thinking and too much hesitating.”

"We're not clicking on all cylinders in respect to all the machinations of the pistol offense."

"If we can't learn the lesson from last weekend about people counting one team out, then we aren't very smart."

"Let me say this, we just have to get better. This week is about focus. We have to earn the right to have a great afternoon."

Greg Schiano: “It’s disappointing, but this is a young team that’s going to stick together, and we are going to get better and we are going to learn from these examples.”

Houston Nutt talks about Masoli: "He had eight poor decisions last week (and) he only had four this week, so he's getting much better. He made a lot of big plays yesterday. A lot of big plays. You just can't have the fumble and the interception, and he knows that."

Quoting Kevin Sumlin: "For our defense to accept the challenge of where we were, to get some stops and turnovers and put points on the board, I think what you see is a complete team win. To win games like that coming off a situation like we did, as a coach, you're encouraged. Different people in different areas of our football team accepted that challenge and really, really created the success for us at the end of the game."

“To get through some adversity and win really, really is what makes and builds confidence. To be in that situation and see how people responded when we had to have something done … that says volumes for who we are right now.”

Quoting Tulane head coach Bob Toledo: "The story here is 42-23. In the first half, our kicking game kind of put us in a bind and offensively, we couldn't get first downs so our defense was on the field way too long. They kind of got worn down a little bit. They came out in the second half and made a couple of big plays, got back in the game, and then those last couple of drives we just fell apart.” 

"Those two turnovers just killed us and then we let them run the ball into the end zone in the that last play. We had a chance to make it a game at the end and we let it slip away. But again, I've got to give credit to Houston. They won the football game."