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Lunchtime Coaches Quick Hits

UNLV coach Bobby Hauck compares UNLV vs. Nevada to Alabama vs. Auburn: This one I would compare to, from what I know about it, and obviously I haven’t experienced it first-hand, maybe the one I just mentioned (Montana vs. Montana State) or Alabama vs. Auburn, where they really don’t like each other much.

Sonny Dykes says LA Tech to use 4th different starting quarterback at Hawaii: "I don't know if anybody has had a similar situation. This may be unique to the history of football. We'll see what this one does. I wish we had one guy. I wish there was a quarterback that had taken over in the spring or the summer."

Gene Chizik’s message: "The message to our team is we have to focus at getting Auburn better. What were you not good at Saturday, individually. That’s what we have to work every day to get fixed. All the other stuff is not really on our radar. I know people are going to hear it and all that stuff, but we have so much room to improve on our team.

Mack Brown reflects on time when Texas lost 5 straight against Oklahoma: "I always felt that it was always unfair to the Texas fans to lose five straight times. It was a hard part in my life to understand I wasn't getting my job done. I don't think I ever dug harder."

"We have a chance at just about any recruit in the state of the Texas. Our first year, we had trouble getting the top 10 kids to visit. It wasn't until 2005 that we had a chance at every kid."

UGA athletic director Greg McGarity talks about football program: “Probably in our private moments we’re hurting. But I think outwardly and publicly we’ve got to set the tone for everyone. And that’s gotta be positive, upbeat and what we can do to help. We all want to chip in and do what we can do to help us pull out of this tailspin. But you’ve gotta have confidence in people, and be confident that we can maybe right the ship and have a successful year.”

Tom O’Brien think team is mature enough to handle early-season success: “I think that they, it’s all part of them understanding where they are and how they got to this point and how they have to continue doing what they’ve done for the past month. If they don’t, they’re not going to be able to continue winning football games. Certainly the opposition steps up this weekend when Virginia Tech comes to town. But I think we’ve gotten really great leadership out of the captains thus far and we’ll find out if they’re mature enough to handle it or not.”

“A lot of people have asked, and I know there has been a lot of conversation about the 54-yard field goal at the end of regulation. Looking back, would I like to do it over? Yes because it didn’t work. But if it had worked, we would all be happy. I have rationalized the good and the bad the last couple of days. But, at the same time, I made the decision, it didn’t work, and I have to live with it.”

Todd Dodge compliments OC Mike Canales after 21-17 road win at FAU: “Mike did a tremendous job of getting Riley ready and putting together a game plan. Riley made good decisions and added about 70 yards running the ball.”

“We have to hang on to what we did well against Florida Atlantic and make that who we are.”

Turner Gill’s 3 keys to beating Baylor: 1. Win the special teams; 2. Score touchdowns instead of settling for field goals; 3. Tackle extremely well on defense.

Mike Stoops thoughts on Pac-10 championship game location: Should be in San Diego, Glendale, or Seattle.