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MAC commish lays it on the Big East commish

5PM Update> Toledo AD Mike O'Brien has issued a statement saying that they accept the ruling from the NCAA rules committee that the outcome of the game can not be changed. Apparently, O'Brien doesn't share MAC commish Steinbrecher's hope that Big East commish John Marinatto will do the right thing.

Original post:

MAC commissioner Jon Steinbrecher issued a well worded statement moments ago regarding the conclusion of the Toledo / Syracuse game on Saturday.

For background...the refs mistakenly awarded Syracuse an extra point despite the fact that they had video evidence which showed the try was clearly not good. The game went to OT with Syracuse eventually winning. The Big East Conference admitted that the refs were wrong in allowing ruling the extra point good. After the game, Toledo called on the Big East to vacate the win for Syracuse (and hence the loss for Toledo).

In Steinbrecher's statement, he first notes that he has been in communication with Big East Commissioner John Marinatto, then he noted that by NCAA rules there is "recourse to reverse an outcome"...but then he comes back with "We are confident that proper action will be taken by the Big East Conference." 

Well played Steinbrecher, well played indeed.

Anyone expect Marinatto to roll over?