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Mack Brown extremely focused, beginning preparation for Texas Tech

Here at FootballScoop headquarters, we just watched Mack Brown’s LIVE press conference.

Talking about a guy who is focused…Mack rolled off about 30 stats about his team and this week’s opponent, Texas Tech. After losing in Lubbock two years ago (Crabtree), Brown’s focus during his presser made it clear he isn’t in the mood for a repeat result.

A couple of interesting quotes from today's presser:

“On this week’s depth chart, you will see some “name OR name.” That just means we don’t have to tell our coordinators who is in the game. It doesn’t change anything. Will and Greg don’t need to know because it doesn’t change our game plan.”

“Tommy is one of the greats when in come to giving back (to the community). He went to Iraq when he just left Auburn. Told us the trip was nice and easy. Halfway through the trip, we would talk to him. He said, “Well, if I had told you different, you wouldn’t have come.”

(on Virginia Tech) “Why play tough out-of-conference game if you’re not going to gain from them. The one loss to Boise probably beat them twice.”

“We’ve played really, really well on the road here. I think it’s because we have confident players.”

Here are some on Mack Brown’s post-game quotes after defeating Wyoming 34-7:

“I’m pleased with the game. I’m happy to be 2-0. I felt much better this week about the balance that we had on offense. We used a lot more formations. Garrett [Gilbert] put us in some different things. We went through a game offensively without a turnover again. We did not have a sack again. [That is] two weeks in a row. I think - with a quick look - we had two plays we lost yardage again like last week. We still sputtered some. We didn’t finish drives consistently. We dropped a touchdown pass. We’ve still got some things we can improve [upon]. I do think we’re getting some identity now and we didn’t have a lot last week.”

“We had too many penalties on defense that were not only huge penalties, but they stopped third down stops and gave them first downs and let them stay on the field in the third quarter much longer than we hoped. Defensively, we also did not come up with a turnover this week, and that’s something we’ve got to do.”

“I saw a lot of improvement. They had more fun tonight. I thought they were more into the game instead of kind of standing around watching as a bunch of freshmen would do.”

“Tonight we wanted to be more balanced. I thought really and truly that happened. Wyoming came in with the way we ran it last week and stacked everybody inside. They were playing inside techniques. Greg [Davis] was trying to be stubborn early and we just decided to go ahead and be who we want to be and be more wide open and be more balanced. That’s why we picked up the second quarter.”

“Certainly over the last two years, we knew going into the ballgame exactly how we were going to play and the direction that we were going to go. We are still in a process. We were not under center as much tonight as we were. We told the players going in that we were going to work more from the gun, but we still wanted to be able to run the ball.”