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Mack Brown: I committed to start over

ESPN will broadcast the Texas Longhorns spring game today at 3 pm EST.

Coming off a 5-7 season, Mack Brown admitted this weekend, “I committed to start over like it’s my first day at Texas.”

Brown explained, “We ask our players with the new ideas and the new staff to move forward and act like it's their first day at Texas. We ask the staff and coaches that were here to greet the new coaches and staff that came in like it was everybody's first day at Texas. I committed to start over like it's my first day at Texas, and I don't think I've ever had any more fun at a spring practice.”

Moving forward, Brown wants better communication.

“Things are still new. We're still a work in progress. The number one thing with family relations and teams is communication. You can't build trust and respect without communication. You can't get on the same page and have a common purpose without communication. What we're trying really hard to do is get it so the players will talk to the coaches and ask them questions and not be intimidated and worried about what a coach is going to think.”

Today is the first spring game in Austin for new assistant coaches Bryan Harsin, Darrell Wyatt, Manny Diaz, Bo Davis, and Stacy Searels.

Texas hosts Rice and BYU before traveling to UCLA to begin the 2011 season.