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Mack Brown: It goes back on coaches. It's not talent.

It’s been 20 years since Mack Brown hasn’t been to a bowl game. Following the 24-17 loss to Texas A&M, Brown said “some” of his coaching staff will hit the road to recruit today.

In regards to his coaching staff, Brown stated, “What I will do is take my time and evaluate the coaches and the staff and each player and everything that we're doing. At that time I'll be able to make the conscious decision on what's best for the program.”

A disappointed Brown put it on his coaches by adding, “I think [it 's] just disappointing. You can say a lot of words. It's not our standard at all. It was obvious tonight that our players are as good as theirs. I think it goes back on coaches. It's not talent. We had our chances to win the game. People have said it's talent. It's not.”

“I thought we were inconsistent offensively. We obviously had a chance to win the game at the end there and didn't and gave up some big plays on defense. That's kind of the theme of the year.”

“I think I'll try to wait until Monday. If not, there's a lot of evaluation that has to be done on players and coaches and staff. I have a lot of work to do here. There's no timeframe on it, no timetable. I thought we'd be going to a bowl, so I thought it would wait until after the bowl game. Now it obviously looks like we're not. I'll get started on it Monday.”