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Mack Brown's message to young coaches: "Don't give up."

Normally when a national radio show has the opportunity to land a future Hall of Fame coach during the middle of the season they don't worry about the circumstances, they just go. But not Dan Patrick, and not when that head coach is off to a 2-2 start in what has shaped up to be an embattled season. 

"I have to be honest. I was surprised you're doing the interview given everything you're going through," Patrick says. "....but why do an interview when part of it has to do with the negativity, the losing and maybe your job in jeopardy?"

"A lot of coaches are ducking and hiding," Brown responds. "I want to be honest. And I want to help coaches and media continue to have a dialogue because I think that's part of my purpose in coaching right now. Very honestly, we've got a lot of football left and we're fighting. We played our best game in a while against Kansas State last weekend, we've got Iowa State next weekend. I don't want our players ducking. I don't want our assistant coaches giving up and ducking. I want us to understand, 'Let's go compete. Let's go fight. That's what all this is about. Let's go coach our rear ends off, get this team better and do what we're supposed to do.'"

The interview then delves into the state of the team today, discussing various issues and decisions that arise when Texas football is 2-2 this season and 24-18 since 2010. For the purpose of this article, though, that's all rather here nor there.

What is pertinent to this site, however, is how Brown closed the interview. For any coaches whose first three or four games haven't gone as planned, and any coaches feeling even a small amount of outside pressure, here's some free advice from a guy who got his first head coaching job back in 1983:

"Message to young coaches: don't give up," said Brown. "Don't let the negativity get you. Don't give in to everything everybody says that's unimportant. Go win. Do your job. And that's the thing I'm trying to do."