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Mack Brown remembers advice from Frank Broyles

Heading into Saturday night’s game against Wyoming, Mack Brown is concerned about leadership and the chemistry of his football team.

Brown says, “We are really a work-in-progress. Leadership changes. We have lost great leaders over the last two years, and we are trying to figure out who those guys are and how they can work together. It is not just being a leader, it is how do you stir up a whole bunch [of others]. It’s not yourself. It is who else do you get stirred up.”

“I did not think that our boundary was stirred up like it should have been Saturday. I do not think that the kids had enough fun and enough life, and that is something that I want to see this week. Same with chemistry. Chemistry is hard with a young team and an early team - to figure out who is looking at who, who is following who, who steps up. That is something that we have to continue to work on. I mentioned energy on the sidelines. It is amazing to me that we can pull out two basketball goals, ask two coaches and four players to shoot, and they are all over the place jumping up and down and screaming, and then we play a football game and they’re just standing over there looking at each other. It makes no sense to me, so we have to have more energy on Saturday night on that boundary. I think it does matter. It affects the crowd, and it affects the guys on the field. The guys played well on the field, but I want to see the guys on the boundary pulling harder for them.”

Brown also reflected on some old advice from legendary coach Frank Broyles.

Brown said, “Fifty percent of the teams lose their opener every year, based on my calculations. We’ve been one of those that has not, so my expectation of us playing like it’s the Oklahoma game is something that you all [the media] really made my standards higher than [they were] when I got here. I’ll never forget when I worked at Oklahoma, coach [Frank] Broyles told me - they were playing 11 games at that time - he said, ‘If you can get your team to play hard four times with a lot of emotion, you’re going to be lucky. The other seven you’ve got to be good enough to win.’”

Kick-off on Saturday night is set for 7 pm EST on FSN.