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Mack Brown talks about staff, Bob Toledo considers kicking it out of bounds

Mack Brown responds to outside talk that running backs coach Major Applewhite is now having more influence in the offensive decisions: "No, we haven't changed anything. We've been working hard to beat Florida Atlantic, but there have been no staff changes. Nothing adjusted or anything else."

“I evaluate my staff after every season. I have changed some coaches when we have won because I felt like something in an area needed to pick up and it wasn't.”

"At the end of the year, coaches are usually tired. You are so focused on the kids and trying to win that you do not want to drift and start looking at other things. That is why I will get with myself, I will get with some people I trust at the end of the year and try to make some proper evaluations like I always do.”

"That is really no different than any other year. There is just more attention put on it by you all this year because we have not done well."

Muschamp talks about what last week’s challenge of defending Oklahoma State: “We went into the game knowing we couldn’t give up explosive plays. When you play an offense that throws the ball well and play what I call a rhythm quarterback, the ball is out quick. People talk about why we didn’t pressure more. Well, when they are in 20-personnel, they are in seven-man protection - you are not going to get there. In a lot of their 10-personnel passing game the ball is out quick. So you have to cover more and mix pressure, which we did. And we felt like, and you look at the game, we had ten hits and 12 pressures on the quarterback, and that is out of 45 attempts. So one out of every four times he drops back. So our pressure was not bad. We just need to tie up some technical issues on the backend as far as how we were playing some things, especially with one personnel grouping going into the game, which is on me.” 

Tulane head coach Bob Toledo says his kickoff team is so bad, they have considered just kicking it out of bounds: “Yeah, we did and we have talked about skying it and we did not even do that good. Here is an interesting thing. We practice on our field and I say kick the ball to the 25 yard line on the numbers. Well those pro numbers in the Dome are different. So we get to the Dome and our kids are kicking it to the 25 yard line where those pro numbers are and that is way too far in the middle of the field to kick it. It struck me to say, ‘Hey, do you realize the slashes out there are the numbers, not the number themselves?’ So we had a horrible sky kick, we had a horrible squib kick, right to the guy on a line drive. We did not kick the ball well in those two cases, but we did kick the ball well enough in the other cases. We just didn’t do a good enough job of running down there in our lanes, getting off blocks, breaking down and making the tackle. There were several times we should have had them inside the 25 and we missed tackles. We missed nine tackles on kickoffs. We are going to do some things to change that. We spent 15 minutes on kickoff yesterday alone.”

(In his fourth year, the Green Wave is 4-6 and hosts UCF on Saturday) “There are a lot of big games but I am not too concerned with the bowl thing. I talked to our team and said let’s not even worry about that. Lets worry about beating these guys because if we don’t then it’s a moot point. I think let’s just go out and play this game and play as good as we can. As far as the biggest game, there are so many big games so I would not say it’s the biggest game, but it is a big game.”

Records of the third-year head coaches:

Nebraska - Bo Pelini (28-9)

West Virginia - Bill Stewart (25-11)

Georgia Tech - Paul Johnson (25-12)

Navy - Ken Niumatalolo (25-12)

Houston - Kevin Sumlin (23-14)

Arkansas - Bobby Petrino (21-14)

Northern Illinois - Jerry Kill (21-15)

Southern Miss - Larry Fedora (21-15)

Hawaii - Greg McMackin (20-17)

Texas A&M - Mike Sherman (17-18)

UCLA - Rick Neuheisel (15-18)

Michigan - Rich Rodriguez (15-19)

Baylor - Art Briles (15-20)

SMU - June Jones (14-21)

Colorado State - Steve Fairchild (13-23)

Duke - David Cutcliffe (12-22)

Washington State - Paul Wulff (3-31)