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Mack Brown to consider changes after the season

Mack Brown, on several occasions this fall, has been publicly critical of the job his coaching staff has done this season. In 2009, the Longhorns played for a national championship. This season, Texas is 4-5 with home games remaining against Oklahoma State, FAU, and Texas A&M.

The Longhorns rank 118th in turnover margin and 118th in kick-off return average. Red zone offense has been brutal, according to Brown.

Asked about the overall performance of his coaching staff, Brown stated, "I think it's an ‘F.' We just haven't been as productive as we should have with these players. That doesn't sound good. It's not pretty. But it's factual."

Brown reiterated that he will make decisions about potential coaching staff changes after the season. He explained, “During the season, you're tired. This season I've been mad about half of it. So when you're tired and you're mad, I've been told you never make decisions.”

"What you do is research information and take some time after the season to look at it and see exactly where things are. I do it every year, good and bad. Then you try to make the decision that's best."

Kick-off against Oklahoma State is set for 8:00 pm EST.