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Mack Brown: We need our fans now more than ever before

Although the performance from his offense didn’t meet expectations, Mack Brown said today, “If you’re not happy with winning in Lubbock, you’ve lost who you are and what we’re about. Anybody who would question a win in Lubbock, that’s pretty stupid.”

During his weekly press conference, Brown said, “I think our fans need to pull for our offense. We’ve been spoiled around here. We’re not ready to hit the panic button. Last year, we struggled offensively against Wyoming. We could run it a lick versus Colorado, and we still played for the national championship. It’s hard to blow people out all the time."

On the offensive problems, Brown added, “We had 6 dropped passes. We had 3 sacks. We had 3 holding penalties. We need to quit making mistakes. We all need to help Garrett more.” 

“I’m a little shocked that some are shocked that we’re struggling some. You could see the writing on the wall. I don’t get down and mad about it. I’m exciting about fixing it. We have to do a better job coaching this offensive football team. We need our fans now more than ever before. We got a hard stretch coming up.” 

“We are not good enough to go out and stand around. We have to have all-out effort from our football team.”

Texas hosts UCLA this Saturday at 3:30 pm EST. You can see the entire Week #4 TV Schedule right here.