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Mack Brown weighs in on rule changes

Mack Brown has been pretty outspoken in regards to recent rule changes, and the helmet and onside kick rules are no exception.

However, he admits that he still isn't sure how to address some of the rule changes with his players.

The new rules that Mack Brown had touched on during media day's last week include; the one yard "halo" rule for return men, and when a player's helmet comes off during play they are not allowed to participate any further in that play and also must sit out for the next play.

The new helmet rule is one rule change in particular that Brown continues to have a strong opinion against.

“I have no clue what we’re going to tell a kid. We’re going to tell a kid that we work for 365 days to go compete and hit that quarterback but if he runs somewhere — and I’m not sure where it is — if he’s outside his path, he’s supposed to stop? Or if he fumbles and loses his helmet, he’s supposed to stop?"

"I think they’ve put the officials and the players in a horrible position. I’d rather if the helmet was off, blow the whistle. Kill the play and let’s move on. I don’t know what to tell our guys yet and I’ve had two meetings about it and I still don’t know.”