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Making football more important at Arizona

Making football more important has been Rich Rod's goal since he was hired at Arizona.

"It's a cultural change. It's not like you haven't had good football here in the past, but you haven't gone to the Rose Bowl. What needs to change? It's not just the guy sitting in the head coach's office. It's a whole mindset. It's making football more important."

In an article from Dennis Dodd of CBSSports, Rodriguez compares Arizona with West Virginia. "It's going to be painful at times and costly. I've told people this: It was like (when I started at) West Virginia 12 years ago except better weather. The mindset at West Virginia is, (football's) a bigger deal."

Rodriguez admits that, selfishly, he wants his players thinking about football all the time.

"It's OK for football to be really, really important. If you want to know why the SEC is so good, it's because football is really, really important to them. You don't have to sacrifice academics. You can still have a so-called social life, but gosh darn, football has to be important. Selfishly, I want them to think about football all the time. When they're not in class, when they're not in church, I want them thinking about football."