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Malzahn goes to a nursing home and runs 'hurry up, no huddle bingo'

This story is proof that Gus Malzahn must do everything at a hurry up, no huddle pace.

While doing some local community service, one of Malzahn's stops was at Oak Park Nursing Home, where he was tabbed with calling out the bingo numbers on game night. Yeah, go ahead and picture that.

According to the Auburn website, Malzahn opened up with a loud "War Eagle" for the crowd before announcing that the night's game night would have a bit of a twist.

“We’re going to do hurry up, no huddle bingo" Malzahn announced, which got a fair share of laughter and cheers from the retirees. A short time after shouting out the initial set of numbers, one of the older players loudly complained that Malzahn was reading the numbers off too fast. Imagine that.

The Auburn head coach's response was classic.

“That sounds like some of our players, or it sounds like some of our opponents.”

No word on if Malzahn slowed down the pace in the name of player/retiree safety following the complaint, but if I had to guess, I'd say it's a safe bet that he kept his foot on the gas pedal.

UPDATE >> Auburn now has video of the event. Malzahn starts nice and slow, but the pace quickly picks up to "Auburn Fast".