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Malzahn to A-State

So, in a shocking move, Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn has agreed to become head coach at Arkansas State. Shocked us. But then we remembered....

Everyday this time of year we get hundreds of emails about coaches looking at, considering or taking other jobs. On Sunday we received two emails from different people related to the A-State search. Both contained similar info...the leading candidates are all young offensive coordinators, pass happy, enthusiastic guys, etc...both had similar names: Kliff Kingsbury, Mike Canales, Eddie Gran, etc... and both mentioned that interviews were ongoing and that other coaches were involved.

Here's the weird part. One of the two emails added at the end, "I even hear they are going to reach out to Gus at Auburn. They are pretty sure he won't bite and they are also pretty sure they couldn't come up with enough money; but they are told he wants a head job really bad."

As we began typing this article we replied to the person that sent us that email. He responded almost immediately, "On Sunday these guys didn't think there was a chance in the world. Unreal."